feng shui and bad peach blossom

feng shui and bad peach blossom

1. 風流老爸,風流兒

#1. Distinguished and admirable Dad & Son

In a family, may one of brothers have 2 or 3 wifes, and his son do the same thing, this should be influenced by feng shui. In the so-called feng shui peach points (陰宅或陽宅Yin or Yang house),or peach water phenomena, such as to subdivision, can be divided into; One is to attract someone else; another is for people to provoke me, which depends on the water’s coming or going phenomenon.

2. 亂倫淋頭水
在這社會中也有一悲哀現象,就是亂倫問題,父女、母子、父媳、兄嫂等搞亂七八糟的事,嚴重的話,產生智障低能兒問題。此現象可能是祖墳葬到或陽宅建逢『淋頭水』現象。久居之後, 因亂倫因果將導致破敗絕丁或孤老終身。

#2. Committing Incest – drenching water on head

Committing Incest may be due to a bad ancestor’s yinzai FS, or bad Fengshui of the home such as; the “rinsing head” phenomenon. This is one of the worse kind of FS that may leads to committing incest which leads to broken family, and eventually leads to solitary for the rest of the live.

3. 穢氣傳家聲

#3. Bad smell spread to the whole family’s reputation

Toilet locating at the four main directions NSEW means the home owner will very likely to be having an affair. This is one of those bad peach blossom locations.